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2006 Litter

Pup #1 at 4 weeks old
Camera Shy
Puppy #3- at 4 Weeks Old
Not as meek as he looks!
Puppy #2 at 4 weeks old
being loved on by Alison
All three of our boys now have terrific homes!
March 1, 2006  Five weeks old already!  The Boys are all doing terrific.  They are eating solid food on a regular basis.  They still try to sneak a snack from mom  (Jenny) every chance they get... but she isn't thrilled about any of it because puppy teeth are very sharp! 
 Romping, barking and chewing are their favorite activities. 
 February 3,2006 - All three boys are doing well.  They have more than doubled  their birth weight... tipping the scales at a healthly +2 1/2 pounds each !  Personalities are beginning to show and they each have "tickle spots" when you scratch the tummies! 
It's hard to believe, but by this time next week, their eyes should be opening!
On Monday, Jan. 23, 2006  at 4 p.m. we noticed that Jenny was trembling and appeared nervous.  She ate a good dinner and we settled in for a night of possible puppies. 
 During the night, Jenny was clingy and uncomfortable and you could see her having occasional contractions. 
 The next morning (Tuesday) Jenny did not eat any breakfast on her own.... she would occasionally nibble on kibble from my hand.   For some reason, by 10 a.m. she was acting normal. Was this a false alarm? No.
By 2 p.m. Jenny did not want to lay down.  All she wanted was to sit in my lap!  I fed her some vanilla ice cream... her favorite!  The sugar helps to give her the energy needed for labor and the calcium helps the contractions.
2:21 p.m. the first boy was whelped.. breech but okay.
He weighed 1lb. 2 oz.
Another boy, weighing 1 lb. 1 oz was next. He was also breech.
The last boy entered the world at 1 lb. 4 oz ! 
This pedigree includes:
18 AKC Champions  in 6 generations
1 Italian Champion
3   ROM titled Dogs (awarded by producing +10 AKC Champions)
3   ROM titled Bitches ( awarded by producing +5 AKC Champions)
1995 Best in Specialty Show Winner
1997 Best in Specialty Show Winner
2000 Invitation to Westmister Kennel Club Dog Show
Jenny is a sweet natured girl, coming from a long line of AKC champions.  Her line is strong in herding title and working titles.  Please visit the other pages on this web site to discover all the accomplishments of MacAlphine Swissies.
 "Max" is a beautiful, BIG boy that was just recently imported from Italy.  He is a pure reflection of the breed standard in every way. "Max" was whelped in Italy but comes from Swiss parents.
"Max" comes from  very strong Swiss lines. These lines include bloodlines very hard to find in the United States.
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MacAlphine GSMD
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