Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

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Our Puppy Application:
Thank you for your interest in MacAlphine's Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.  If you would like to be on file as a possible "MacAlphine Puppy Owner", please take a few minutes to complete this application.   Currently, we have NO puppies available or litters planned.

Full Name
Home Phone Number
E-mail Address
Do you live in a house?
Do you have any other pets? If so, how many and what types?
Is someone home during the day?
How do you intend to provide for the pup during your absence?
Will this dog live primarily indoors or outdoors?
Do you have a fenced area? If so, how large?
How do you plan to socialize the puppy?
To what extent do you plan to use a crate?
Have you had experience with large breed dogs?
Do you personally know anyone who owns a Swissy? If yes, who?
Why do you want to own a Swissy?
What is your veterinarian's name, address, and telephone number?
What gender and classification of puppy are you interested in owning? (male, female, show, pet)