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Flint River Ranch~ Premium Dog Food

"Meats" the needs of YOUR dog
   Delivered to YOUR home

Flint River Ranch Super Premium Dog & Cat Food is a high quality food containing only human quality ingredients, no by-products and no toxic chemical preservatives, colors or fillers.
Ultra Fresh!
All human quality ingredients.
No By-products. No Fillers.
No Chemical preservatives (Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA!

No artificial flavors or colors. Unique Twice Oven-Baked Formula. 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Recommended by top veterinarians, kennels, and breeders. Shipped fresh to your home or office via UPS. Yes, that means NO no more having to go out to purchase your pet's food!

Many pet foods are hyped, marketed and sold based upon the recommendation of a Veterinarian. While many have spent years learning about nutrition, just having "DVM" after their name and a white coat does not indicate all have strong knowledge of pet food nutrition. FLINT RIVER RANCH is pleased to have two excellent professional veterinarians, (one with 35 years of pet food nutrition) along with a staff of certified nutritionists to monitor all formulas, selection and testing of all ingredients, production controls and processes. This has insured and proved quality products that has stood the test of time for the last 12 years!!!
Selected by The Whole Dog Journal In February 1998 (A monthly guide to natural dog care and training) As a Top Quality Dry Dog Food. It separates the Great from merely a Good dog food. Flint River Ranch has been on this list 1998 - present(2005).
WDJ Selection Criteria Used:

Only the best sources of protein Whole-meat source as the first ingredient
No meat by-products No artificial colors
No sugars or sweeteners No artificial preservatives
No Ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT No Propelyne glycol

The proof, however, is in the pudding, and the people who feed Flint River Ranch uniformly rave about its positive effects on their dogs.
Brief Excerpts from Their Review:
Flint River Ranch is probably one of the best-known healthy dry dog foods available.
Flint River Ranch's formulation of quality ingredients is not unique among premium foods, but its cooking method is different. The company oven-bakes the food, rather than using the traditional "steam extrustion" technique. This form of cooking "changes the hard to digest raw starches into easy to digest dextrines" -- resulting in a less strain on the dog's digestive system and producing a greater degree of food absorption.
Selected by GROOM & BOARD Magazine readers: As One of the Most Innovative and Nutritional Top 25 New Products for 1998.
Flint River Ranch gets noticed in the most interesting places! On March 5, 2004 Flint River Ranch and specifically Jim Flint was mentioned on Paul Harvey's broadcast concerning the pet food industry and testing on animals for feed purposes. It was noted that Flint River Ranch has lead the industry for 11 years in our testing procedures of our own products and has influenced others to take similar steps. Here is a transcript of the broadcast:

Paul Harvey Noon Broadcast Friday March 5, 2004

"Well there is an evolution taking place in laboratory testing...medicines and foods tested on animals are less tested in the uncomfotable laboratory enviroment and more on pets which are more comfortable in their own homes. When Jim Flint started Flint River Ranch, the pet food company, he said no way was he going to test his products on lab animals and began offering each new formula to employee's pets. To the employees, he would say - take some of it home and try it and keep track and monitor the lifestyle and the health of your pets. Well, in the 11 years since starting, Jim Flint's company has soared in prestige in the pet food industry. And now Oklahoma State University has created the first large-scale program addressing that dilemma - the Citizens Science Program." - Paul Harvey --

Flint River Ranch Price List - Dog and Cat Food
Shipping Included !

Kibble Puppy & Adult Dog Food- for all stages of life.  The original twice oven-baked cracked kibble - our most popular dog food.  All human-quality natural ingredients provide superior nutrition and digestability.

6 lb DOG6 $13.38
10 lb DOG10 $17.19
20 lb DOG20 $28.00
40 lb DOG40 $52.79
200 lb DOG200 $258.59
520 lb DOG520 $668.64

Nugget Adult Dog Food- Same formulation as the regular Kibble above, but in larger and more uniform size pieces for larger dogs

20 lb NUG20 $28.97
40 lb NUG40 $53.86
200 lb NUG200 $267.21
520 lb NUG520 $686.96

Senior Adult Kibble Dog Food- similar to regular kibble formulation above, except with reduced fat and protein for older and less active dogs

10 lb SEN10 $17.19
20 lb SEN20 $28.00
40 lb SEN40 $52.79
200 lb SEN200 $258.59
520 lb SEN520 $668.64

Senior PLUS Adult Dog Food-similar to Senior kibble formulation above, except with added glucosamine and chrondroitin to ease joint problems

10 lb PLUS10 $18.26
20 lb PLUS20 $30.70
40 lb PLUS40 $57.64
200 lb PLUS200 $283.37
520 lb PLUS520 $724.67

Lamb/Millet/Rice Dog Food- specially formulated for dogs that are allergic to wheat, corn, glutens, or chicken

10 lb LMR10 $18.26
20 lb LRM20 $30.70
40 lb LMR40 $57.64
200 lb LMR200 $283.37
520 lb LMR520 $724.67

Fish & Chips Dog Food- by popular request: Trout and Sweet Potato!

10 lb FNC10 $18.26
20 lb FNC20 $30.70
40 lb FNC40 $57.64
200 lb FNC200 $283.37
520 lb FNC520 $724.67

Drywater Ultra Dog Food- specially formulated dry food designed for mixing with warm water to make a moist food

3 lb DW48 $15.07
9 lb DW9 $40.35

Jubilee Wafers- special treat cookies that contain glucosamine and chrondroitin to help dogs with joint problems

4 lb JW $15.07
20 lb JW20 $44.17

Cat & Kitten Food- super-premium regular cat food for all stages of life

6 lb CAT6 $17.76
9 lb CAT9 $21.40
20 lb CAT20 $40.93
40 lb CAT40 $79.72
200 lb CAT200 $393.29

Adult Lite Cate Food- super-premium lite cat food for all stages of life

9 lb LIT9 $21.43

Cat Hairball Formula- super-premium regular cat food with hairball prevention ingredients

6 lb CH6 $17.77
IMPORTANT:  Now, if you're totally confused, we apologize.  Basically, if you are already an existing Flint River Ranch customer, you'll need to place all your orders directly on the corporate website here.  If you are asked who referred you, please enter Leigh Conner, distributor #7370.  New customers will have to establish an account with the customer service team.