Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

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All About Us

This is the section of our web site where we "introduce" ourselves to our
visitors.   We are Leigh and Jeremy Conner of Virginia Beach, VA.
We enjoy sharing our lives with  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our dogs!
We have set up the box below to make your Swissy experience and little bit easier! Give us your name, e-mail address and question... we'll respond back to you as quickly as possible!

 First, please know that we are not a "kennel".  We are a family that happen to have some terrific Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.  Participating in Conformation Dog Shows, Jr. Showmanship, Pack Dog Events and various other dog related activities are enjoyment for us.
  An issue that is taken extrememly serious by us is the breeding of dogs. We consider every puppy, brought into the world by our pre-planned actions, as our responsibility. It is up to us to ensure than these precious swissies go to high quality, highly qualified, highly educated in the breed,  life long homes.
 We do not produce many litters. One per year is our average.  The research that is put into the matching of bitch to dog is intense.  Health clearances, temperament, compatibility of pedigrees, the structure of both dogs  and how the "pairing" of two specific dogs benefit the breed, are just a few things factored into our decisions.

Leigh & Jeremy Conner
of MacAlphine Greater Swiss

MacAlphine's Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

 We are a hobby breeder of swissys located in south eastern Virginia.  MacAlphine all started in 1998 with our first swissy,  "Honey" (CH Papa Wren's Bit O'Honey). We had no idea how much we would fall, head over heels, for this truly incredible breed.

"Honey" was born in Pennsylvania, in December 1998.  We were pleasantly pleased to see that "Honey" had everything it took to be a Champion show dog. She had the personality, the look, and the comformational correctness to catch any Judges eye and to win the ribbons and points. In March of 2001, Honey earned her AKC Champion Title, with a limited show schedule.
We compete in both conformation and working events. Our Swissys, Ch. Papa Wren's Bit O'Honey ("Honey"), Ch. MacAlphines One Sweet Ice ("Sabrina") and MacAlphines Blinded By Love ("Jenny") are a big part of our family. 

They do not live out in a kennel, but in our home as vital members of the Conner household.

We are members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America.


MacAlphine GSMD is an award winning site. We are very honored to have won this prestigious award