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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs


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2003 Puppies

These are the pups from our Feb. 3, 2003 litter.  They are in order of their birth and "color specified" in their description by tho color of their collar.

Pup #1 "Red" Male, good bone, reserve white
easy going, mild natured (so far)

Pup#2 "Orange" Female- great markings
beautiful girl w/ sassy "Diva" personality

Pup #3 "Yellow" Male- well balanced
vocal pup w/ a lot of spirit

Pup #4 "Green" female- good size/balance
sweet face w/ matching personality

Pup #5 "Blue" female- well marked & balanced
Easy personality, loves to snuggle

Pup #6 "Purple" female very good structure
Has 2 speeds, stop & GO!

I really like this litter of pups.  I used "well balanced" a lot in their descriptions because it is true.  Their size, markings and over all conformation is very equal between them all.

Please feel free to contact us! MacAlphine GSMD Va. Beach, VA

There is no doubt that you will be seeing these guys in a show ring near you!