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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs


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About Us

MacAlphine Greater Swiss Mounatain Dogs, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was started by Leigh and Jeremy Conner and their love and dedication for this wonderful working breed of dog; the GREATer Swiss Mountain Dog.

Beginning in 1998 with our first swissy, CH Papa Wren's Bit O'Honey, "Honey". We had no idea that we would fall, head over heels, for this truly incredible breed. "Honey" was born in Pennsylvania, in December 1998. We got her just "as a pet". We were pleasantly pleased to see that "Honey" had everything it took to be a Champion show dog. She had the personality, the look, and the comformational correctness to cathces the Judges eye and to win the ribbons and points. In March of 2001, Honey earned her AKC Champion Title, with a limited show schedule.

The following year, 1999, we added "Angus", CH Hamilton's EIEIO'Boy of Summit, to our home. Angus is from Tennessee and his soft, gentleman-like personality reflects his southern roots. Angus did not begin his show career until he was a year old. At his first show, he left the show ring major pointed. Beginners luck? No way. Angus continued his winning streak, and gained his AKC Championship title at the Eukanuba Cup, in Pennsylvania, just a few months later.

Where to search for Your Puppy:

**Always look for your puppy from a GSMDCA Breeder.
**Never buy from a wholesaler or pet shop.
**Talk with as many breeders as possible and visit with them if you can so you have the opportunity to meet them in person, see the type of dogs they have and the conditions at their home/kennel.
**It is very important to spend the time to look for a breeder you feel comfortable with. Dont let your location or that of a breeder be an obstacle to getting a quality puppy. Some breeders who live far from you will gladly send you photos or videotape of a litter you are interested in if you are unable to visit them in person.
**Be patient You may have to wait for a while before you actually find a litter from which pups are available.

Our Newest *MacAlphine* Addition: "Bruce" !

September 2001, we added "Bruce", Hamilton's Gone Fishin, to our home. Bruce was born in June of 2001, in Tennessee. He is a smart, cute and clumbsy boy. I am very excited about his future show career. Bruce and Angus have become the best of buds. They now spend their days bothering and hasseling Honey at every opportunity!